Challenge 12

STEAM Challenge 12


I tried to come up with a good arm pun, but I couldn’t think of anything humerus.

For this challenge, you will create an arm, prosthetic, crane, grabbing device – whatever you would like to call it – that can grab, pick up and move an object from one spot to another. Use recyclables, craft materials and/or building toys. Be creative! What is the maximum distance an object can be that can still be picked up and moved?


  1. An arm, crane, prosthetic, grabber thing, that can grab, pick up and move an object from one place to another.
  2. A short video (Max. 2 minutes) explaining your arm, materials used, what you made, footage of the ride, etc. Have fun and be creative!

Research and Brainstorm

How can you complete this task? How could you design an arm to grab, pick up, and move an object? What materials do you have that could help you make an arm? Could you design an arm to pick up different types of objects? Move to different distances? 


Build Your Arm

What can you use to create your arm? What object/objects can you move? How far away can the objects be and still be moved? What features does your arm have that allow it to hold objects? What modifications can you make to improve your design and performance?

What else could your arm do? Turn a doorknob? Draw? Paint? 

Share It

To be eligible for the prizes listed below you need to share your creation. Create a short (Max 2 min video)

Upload/share your video to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using #FluxSTEAM12 and tag (Flux. on Facebook) and tag On Facebook set your post to public.

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