Challenge 14

STEAM Challenge 14


For this challenge, you will put your engineering and building skills to the test! Using’s prompt-generator tool select the “Build & Engineer” category. Choose a prompt you would like to create. Feel free to use this tool as an idea on what to create. You could build a model of a monument, building, sculpture, a machine that sorts items, pulley systems, conveyor belts, etc. – pretty much anything using any materials!


  1. Go to
  2. Choose “Build & Engineer” category from the drop-down menu.
  3. Click”New Challenge” until you find something you want to build.
  4. If you like one half of the challenge, lock it and hit new challenge to find an option you would be interested in. Take a picture, screenshot, or write down what prompt you are completing.
  5. Don’t have that specific material, replace it with something creative you do have!



  1. A created model or machine – inspired by a “Build & Engineer” prompt.
  2. A short video (Max. 2 minutes) explaining what your prompt was, materials used, what you made, etc.

Research and Brainstorm

What is the prompt you selected? How can you complete this task? What else could you add to bring more creativity and originality?


Build! Have fun!

Again, be creative! What other materials could you use to build? Is your model to scale? If you made a machine, is it a working prototype or just a model? 

Share It

To be eligible for the prizes listed below you need to share your creation. Create a short (Max 2 min video)

Upload/share your video to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using #FluxSTEAM14 and tag (Flux. on Facebook) and tag On Facebook set your post to public.


To be eligible for prizes – Post on social media tagging Flux, and and use the hashtags #FluxSteam14


Tag to show us what you made!

For questions, comments or concerns please email



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