challenge 03

STEAM Challenge 03 – #Fluxsteam3

Build a Bridge

Design and build the strongest bridge you can that spans at least 1.5 ft. Use materials around your house (craft supplies, building toys, newspapers). Get creative with materials!


  1. A bridge that can hold as much weight (load) as possible over a min. 1.5 ft span (approx. 45 cm). 
  2. A short video (Max. 2 minutes) that explains your bridge and demonstrates how much weight it can hold, the span it covers, how you made it, etc.

Research and Brainstorm

What makes a bridge strong? What features bring stability to bridges? Shapes? What materials do you have around the house that you could make your bridge out of?

Build and Test

Build your bridge! How can you combine/attach materials? Test your bridge. What modifications can you make? 

Extra Challenge

Can something travel over it? Toy car? A remote-controlled car?

Share It

To be eligible for the prizes listed below you need to share your idea. Film a short (Max 2 min video) of your bridge. Demonstrate the weight it can hold, how you made it, etc. Have fun! Upload/share your video to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using #FluxSTEAM3 and #MadeWithSharpen tag (Flux. on Facebook) and tag

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