Challenge 09

STEAM Challenge 09



For this challenge, you will create a rollercoaster ride for a marble or small ball. Using paper, craft materials, recyclables, objects from around the house create a rollercoaster ride! Use gravity as your source of energy! Start at a high point, end at a low point. What could you make the marble do? Ramp? Even a loop de loop!?!


  1. A rollercoaster ride for a marble or small ball.
  2. A short video (Max. 2 minutes) explaining your rollercoaster, materials used, what you made, footage of the ride, etc. Have fun and be creative!

A STEM Camp EDU Favorite

Research and Brainstorm

How can you complete this task? What materials do you have that could help you make a rollercoaster track? How are you going to keep the “marble” on track? What else could you add to bring more creativity and originality?


Build Your Roller Coaster

What can you use to create a roller coaster? Can you create a ramp? Or even a loop de loop? What other materials can you use? What could you use as supports? What else could you add to make your roller coaster stand out from the other roller coasters? Tip – Fold the paper to create a channel/track for the marble to roll in. You can change this design to have your marble do many things. 

Share It

To be eligible for the prizes listed below you need to share your creation. Create a short (Max 2 min video)

Upload/share your video to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using #FluxSTEAM9 and tag (Flux. on Facebook) and tag @STEMCampEDU. On Facebook set your post to public.

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