Season 2


Season 2 – STEAM Challenge 1 – #Flux2STEAM1

Something that moves.

For this challenge, you will build something that moves.

What are the different ways objects can move? What makes those objects move? Springs? Rubber Bands? Batteries? Motor? Gravity? There are numerous ways to make an object/vehicle move, think of something you can create and make it move!


  • Movement
  • Energy (Potential, Kinetic)
  • Building


  1. Something that moves.
  2. A pitch, short video (Max. 1:30 minutes) that explains what you made and what makes it move.

Force, Work, Energy

A force is a push or pull on an object. When an object has a force applied to it causing the object to move, then work has been done. The ability or capacity to do work is called energy. Energy can exist in two main forms, potential energy = stored energy and kinetic energy = the energy of motion.

How can you use potential energy (gravitational, elastic (rubber band, spring)) to make your object move (kinetic energy)? Could you harness or use the energy from a spring, a rubber band, gravity? 


  1. Create a video pitch (Max 01:30)
  2. Post the video on social media (Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.) Tag Flux.
    1. Twitter
    2. Instagram @Fluxspace_io
    3. Facebook (search for page Flux.)
  3. Include the correct hashtag #Flux2STEAM2
  4. See a great example from last season to the right.

Generate an Idea

What could you build and how could you get it to move? 

Build It

What can you use to build your object? How can you modify materials to get it to move? Bend it, stretch it, drop it? Be creative!

Share It

To be eligible for the prizes listed below you need to share your idea. Film a short (Max 1:30 min video) showing what your object is, what you used to make it, and how it moves. Use #Flux2STEAM2 and tag (Flux. on Facebook) 


MOST CREATIVE – a unique and original idea.

$25 Amazon Gift Card

MOST RESOURCEFUL – primarily made from recyclable materials

$25 Amazon Gift Card


To be eligible for prizes – Post on social media tagging Flux (, and use the hashtag #Flux2STEAM2 

SEPT. 21st – SEPT. 27th



Use the following Student Guide to help students organize their thoughts.

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