School Support Program

Providing a safe, supported, and comfortable environment for your child to excel in their virtual school program.

The 2020-2021 school year is presenting new and difficult challenges for local communities and families as many schools have moved classes online. This has presented parents and guardians with the task of finding solutions to support their child’s virtual learning experience while navigating their own work schedule and responsibilities. We at Flux have developed a solution – Flux’s School Support Program. This program provides students with a safe learning environment that provides not only supervision but intentional support to make sure each child feels supported and confident to be successful in their new and unfamiliar virtual learning experiences.

Program Details

  • Each child will be provided with an individual workspace at least 6 feet apart from other learners.
  • Each child will have a personalized daily schedule, based on their school’s schedule. Instructors will monitor schedules, facilitate breaks, tutor/support whenever needed.
  • Active “Brain Breaks” will include access to different STEAM-based activities such as building, making, drawing, coding, robotics, drones, etc. Moments of purposeful and active play will also be made available, encouraging collaboration.
  • Instructors will resolve any technical difficulties should they arise.
  • Instructors will support any classwork/homework assignments when needed.
  • After-school programs will be available to fit the needs and interests of students.
  • Providing daily, 3-day or 5-day week packages.
  • Hours: 7:30 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Grades K-8th, students will be organized/grouped by grade level bands.

Comfortable and Safe Learning Spaces

Our learning spaces provide a safe place for your child’s social, emotional, and academic development to prosper with confidence. Different flexible yet socially distant learning spaces are available allowing you child to choose how he or she learns best. 

Dynamic Group of Instructors

Experienced staff available all day to support your child’s needs. Our instructors will closely monitor your child’s virtual school day and offer support and guidance when needed. Instructors will work with each child on developing a daily schedule that fits each child’s school schedule as well as provides moments for active brain breaks.

Promoting STEAM Mindsets

Our environment promotes hands-on learning experiences by providing additional materials to students to learn with, integrating STEAM-focused activities, or leveraging our technology/equipment for students’ use. We want each student’s virtual learning experience to be the best it can be.


Program Rates

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